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From Center Ice

Dec 31, 2019

Did you know that ice is cold?

We chat about recent hockey news. But, then we put a nice bow on this golden decade of Blackhawks Hockey. It's been a wild ride and deserves to be remembered. We go over the playoffs, the signings, the trades, and so much more. 


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Dec 24, 2019

We accidentally took two weeks off. BUT WE'RE BACK! We talk about our adventure to the East Coast and whatever the heck the Blackhawks are doing. The IceHogs are doing pretty okay though!


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Dec 3, 2019

We hoped for a peaceful week, but a peaceful week is not what we got. We talk about more coach accusations with Babcock, Bill Peters, and Marc Crawford. 

The IceHogs are on a two game winning streak and have a new captain. 

The Blackhawks are still broken, and Courtney is still convinced they need a new...